“Sometimes you have to cut off a finger to save the hand” – And The Mountains Echoed (Khaled Hosseini)

Afghanistan 1952. The impoverished farmer Saboor decides to sell his 3 year-old daughter Pari to a wealthy, childless couple in Kabul. The decision is a devastating blow especially for Pari’s 10 year-old brother Abdullah who raised her after their mother’s death.

And The Mountains Echoed

The adoption reaches back to a concatenation of events, which open up over nine ensuing chapters. Parwana, the children’s stepmother, is to blame for her twin sister’s accident. Her punishment will be to care for her more beautiful sister, help her commit suicide and marry Saboor. Their older brother Nabi works as a driver for the barren Whadatis. He will convince Saboor to sell his daughter. He cares for Mr Whadati for the rest of his life after his stroke separated him from his wife. She will take the child Pari to Paris, where she’ll lose all connections to her former life…

Each chapter gives voice to another protagonist to tell his or her story. The short stories eventually intertwine and bring all the characters- across continents and decades- back together.

In his highly anticipated third novel, author Khaled Hosseini abducts the reader once again to his home country Afghanistan and from there into the world. His characters are as vivid and tragic as ever. They invite us into their microcosm of a life where we feel attached, loved, hated, abandoned and freed as if we are the siblings, lovers, families or friends they’ve lost.

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