Musings of a New X-Files Event Series – After The End

I was right, though not quite. But Scully´s life is in danger after all! One of the alien replica vehicles (which bombed Sveta before) is beaming a light down on her! Just before the black screen appears. A classical X-Files cliffhanger!

A short recap:

It makes no sense!“ – Scully

Of course not. Because she hasn´t yet figured out the real reason behind the so called “Spartan Virus” (read the subtext people will you?)!

Why now?” – Scully

Also a very good question, that Chris Carter raised on purpose. He never puts in dialogue without meaning, so this is a hint. We are called to ask ourselves “Why?”!
Agent Miller (Robbie Amell) and Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson)

The truth might be out there, but a lot of lies are inside The X-Files!

So what is the real plan behind it all? The government conspiracy is not stupid and their plan is surely not to wipe out mankind in order to save the planet! They couldn´t care less and the Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) didn´t fool us for one second with his lame explanation of the ultimate countermeasure (and as we well know, The X-Files are always serving us something that is not true – so please dear critics, read the subtext and watch the early The X-Files).

The truth might be out there, but a lot of lies are inside The X-Files! That is good storytelling! Do we wanna have all the answers right away? Of course not, it would be boring! We want to be challenged and we want to rip our hair out, because we don´t get any answers! That´s The X-Files, people! Deny everything – and specially answers to raised questions! Those who claim that the finale didn´t explain anything or didn´t serve any answers (as a sloppy critic from Variety´s Ms. Ryan said for example “Why did a pandemic break out at this particular point in the show’s timeline? No real reason was offered…”), simply didn´t get the subtext and don´t understand the show´s style! (It´s also called using your brain!)

And also you didn´t have to believe that the world was about to end, because that is not the government conspiracy´s plan. It´s probably a fake set-up. A halfhearted attempt that leads the way for something bigger (get it? – just checking!).

Possible Plot Turns:

The whole scenario set-up in the finale is probably just a harbinger to a completely different plan of the government conspiracy.

Was Scully tricked into spreading her alien-DNA by the conspiracy of men (via a fake virus)? Causing a troubling outcome: everyone with the DNA is controllable! Which leads to the questions why and what now? Scully infected a lot of people!

It would be an “oh sh**”-moment (cut mid-sentence – remember Mulder´s?) for Scully this time if the conspiracy used her for spreading the alien-DNA. That way the conspiracy is not as wacky as they appear right now and they have much more control over people with the alien-DNA (they evidently controlled Scully´s well being with it – or rather with the chip in her neck?). It would explain that wonky way of everybody getting sick which wasn´t really explained yet (specially since there were also children sitting in the hospitals, who couldn´t have been infected via the smallpox vaccination)!

A fake-virus spread via water supply (a plan the government already planned with the super soldier program in season 9, which was explained to us by Xena´s Lucy Lawless – and since she is not dead, here would be an interesting character to add to the new season!)! It would make sense and explain the virus-outbreak. Of course, not yet why!


Spreading the virus was a method to serve the insane allegations Ted O´Malley came up with (and just as the government conspiracy gave Mulder always what he needed in order to believe) to cover up something completely different! WHAT IS THAT? What are they hiding? And please choose ONE scenario! (Are they still working on the perfect human-alien hybrid? Is William a success? Are they preparing for aliens to come back? Building super soldiers to defend earth without people knowing about it?) Here are numerous scenarios!

Show me, don´t tell me!

That plan is yet to be figured out by Mulder and Scully! This time hopefully by themselves over the course of a few episodes and not just over 2 (and not by having informants like O´Malley or Sveta, who simply handed over information! Let Scully and Mulder go on the hunt and find out what´s really behind it all! Bit by bit and just by hints of course!

Possible scenario for the next season:

Scully is on the search for William to save Mulder. She encounters that CSM has him. (oh oh!). She has to make a deal with him (what kind of deal? – it must be a really hard decision / Sophie´s choice maybe?) but we now old smokey, he doesn´t give her her son, he simply gives her his stem cells to save Mulder, which she does!

  • Mulder is saved in by the end of the first episode!

  • But now it´s time to save William! A search for rescuing him from CSM.

Since this is not easy to do … spread it over the next season! Just like it was spread over the eighth season when Mulder was abducted! It needs time to trigger real emotions! The finale episode is soon enough for a good showdown between our heroes and CSM!

The whole season should be about saving William and trying to find a way to get to him, but of course they “struggle” to get there. And give the viewers some bait! We need to see William in order to be able to relate to our heroes struggle and search. As they dig deeper, the truth about the real government conspiracy plan can reveal naturally. Our heroes stumble over secret information while initially trying to find their son (and of course both are linked!).

Questions for next season:

  • Will Mulder survive? (of course he will)
  • What is the deal with that hovercraft?
  • How can Scully find William, who must be in trouble (hopefully in CSM´s hands)?
  • How will they save William over the course of the season?
  • What is wrong with William? (Is he bad? Brainwashed by CSM? Being a nice little fella would just be too boring!)
  • What is CSM really up to? A few hints would be good! He didn´t fool us with his mumbo jumbo about mankind is destroying the planet (as if he cares about nature etc. or about mankind)!
  • What did CSM want from Monica Reyes? The turn on her part is really interesting (and convenient to have her as the new ally after Deep Throat, Mr. X and Marita Covarrubias), but it needs an explanation why he´d chosen her)! And go deeper with her character! She was always the good one. She must have joined him to follow her own plan, being close to the enemy in order to destroy him! (and saving Agent Doggett from a threat is more convincing than her selfishness to get her to work for CSM).
  • What´s up with the chip in Scully’s neck?
  • William shouldn´t be used as a MacGuffin! Give him some action! Show, don´t tell! Let CSM have him and let Scully and Mulder save him!
  • Concentrate on the William story line! The tenth season was a good set-up for it, but now it´s time for taking action! Scully and Mulder have to make decisions and shouldn´t just talk about everything! Been there, done that!
  • We don´t need to know too much about misconception or how it was possible that Scully got pregnant. (As Scully said, she will never get the answers to her mysteries!) So please, MOVE THE STORY FORWARD by SHOWING not just TELLING!


Chris Carter will bring The X-Files back, I´m sure. Now let´s be patient and muse what will happen in the next run.


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Have fun watching the X-Files! Your Lit. erl – Team!


THE X-FILES, USA 2016 – Creator: Chris Carter. Writers: Chris Carter, James Wong, Darin Morgan  . With: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi. 44 Min.

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